Jeffrey Sonnenfeld’s List: Top CEOs Back Israel, Amir Weitmann Condemns Russia

Escalating Tensions: Russia Officially Designated as Israel’s Enemy


During his appearance on MSNBC, Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld unveiled a list that tracks companies taking a stance against Hamas’s recent terrorist attack on Israel. These companies have openly condemned antisemitism and shown their support and solidarity with Israel. Concurrently, Amir Weitmann, a prominent member of Israel’s ruling Likud Party, made a powerful and direct statement about Russia while on the Russian channel RT. Weitmann’s impassioned words caught the Russian audience off guard as he delivered the following message:


“I acknowledge your platform’s affiliation with Russian propaganda, but allow me to assert unequivocally: we shall bring an end to this conflict and emerge victorious, for our resolve is unwavering. Following our triumph, rest assured that Russia will be held accountable. Russia’s support for factions with genocidal intent against our people, akin to Nazi sympathizers, will not go unnoticed. Russia shall face consequences.


I implore you to pay heed: we shall vanquish these malefactors, securing victory in this conflict. Subsequently, we shall not forget your actions. We will ensure Ukraine’s success, and you shall answer for your deeds. We shall not forget. Mark my words: retribution will be exacted.”

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld's List

“Our people have suffered greatly at the hands of those you have supported. There is an inexorable chain of cause and effect. Those endorsing the persecution of Jews bear a heavy cost. The era in which Jews were defenseless has elapsed.”


In light of these developments, the Russian Ambassador to Israel, Anatoly Viktorov, expressed a somewhat contentious viewpoint by stating that “Russia’s recognition of the Palestinian movement Hamas as a terrorist organization is a matter of debate.” He also expressed that he finds it insufficient that the US, EU, Canada, and Japan have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization.


This marked a significant departure from silence, with a key figure in Israel’s ruling party openly characterizing Russia as an accomplice to terrorist elements. Furthermore, this statement indirectly linked the conflicts involving Israel and Hamas and Ukraine and Russia. Consequently, it undermined President Putin’s aspirations of presenting himself as an impartial and conscientious mediator in resolving conflicts within the Middle East. Amir Weitmann’s assertion that “we will win this war” is indeed grounded in a sense of just cause, with the anticipation of prevailing over the adversary. Victory remains our ultimate objective.

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