Contract Killings and FSB Intelligence Network Pose Risks to Bill Browder’s Well-Being

Bill Browder

Intelligence War Between Western World and Moscow’s FSB

The Western world is embroiled in an ongoing intelligence conflict with Moscow’s Federal Security Service (FSB), raising concerns over the safety of Bill Browder. Contract killings, which are a lucrative business controlled by the Kremlin, pose a significant threat. The FSB’s extensive intelligence network in Europe relies on a range of informants including government officials, journalists, police, and bankers. The threat to Browder’s safety is not stemming from the highest levels of power within the Kremlin due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Instead, it is originating from groups in the Western Hemisphere, including financial centers like Frankfurt, Berlin, Zuerich, Basel, Geneva, and the City of London. These groups perceive Bill Browder’s activities differently from his leading role in promoting the Magnitsky Act, which sanctions Russian officials implicated in the death of his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky. The real source of resentment towards him is his statements that the $300 billion in frozen Russian central bank reserves could be used to help Ukraine, as argued by Bill Browder in the Financial Times. These statements have made some powerful people very angry, as they view Browder’s proposition as a threat to their interests.

To ensure his safety and that of his family, it is vital for Browder to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions. This may include maintaining communication with local authorities and law enforcement agencies, altering daily routines, using secure communication channels, and avoiding potentially hazardous situations. Seeking support from human rights organizations, advocacy groups, and the media can help raise awareness of the situation and put pressure on the government to take necessary measures to ensure Browder’s safety and well-being. It is also crucial for Browder to keep trusted acquaintances and colleagues informed of his situation and to use social media platforms like Twitter to provide regular updates to the public.

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