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The U.S. Intelligence News strongly recommends the Fortune article titled “Biggest CEO Successes and Setbacks: 2023’s Triumphs and 2024’s Challenges,” authored by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian.

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

Analytical Expertise

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld presently occupies the distinguished position of Lester Crown Professor in Management Practice at the Yale School of Management. In tandem, Steven Tian functions as the Research Director at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute, bringing a substantial reservoir of analytical acumen to the examination of executive leadership. Formerly, he served as an investment analyst at the Rockefeller Family Office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why recognize CEOs annually?

Annual CEO recognition offers insights into business, acknowledging achievements and challenges for a better understanding of future trends.

How do disruptions impact predictions from CEO recognition?

Amid uncertainties from disruptions, CEO recognition, akin to Newtonian principles, provides a foundational understanding for accurate predictions.

Examples of accuracy in last year’s CEO lists?

Last year’s lists correctly anticipated outcomes, like Satya Nadella’s success and issues faced by Changpeng Zhao, showcasing the recognition’s reliability.

Who are the top three CEOs of 2023?

Marc Benioff (Salesforce): Dramatic reversal and sustainable growth. Pat Gelsinger (Intel): Leading Intel’s turnaround with significant achievements. Karen Lynch (CVS): Pioneering changes in drug pricing, focusing on consumer affordability.

How did Marc Benioff contribute to Salesforce’s success?

Benioff led a dramatic reversal, doubling stock value, exceeding $30 billion in revenues, and innovating with “the summer of AI” while upholding philanthropic values.

Challenges faced by Linda Yaccarino of X/Twitter?

Yaccarino deals with a drop in X’s valuation, loss of advertisers, and erratic decisions by Elon Musk, raising questions about her ability to control and reassure stakeholders.

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