Trump Accuser Alva Johnson: Kiss 'Gross and Creepy' — 'I Was Really Grossed Out'

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” host Chis Hayes interviewed former senior Trump campaign staffer Alva Johnson who has filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump and had accused him of sexual assault during his 2016 presidential campaign. Johnson told her story of Trump forcibly kissing her in a campaign RV. Johnson said, “I wasn’t close to him. I was wearing a baseball cap. He had to pass me on his way exiting the RV. I said ‘Now you go and do a good job and kick ass because I’ve been away from my family for a long time.’ And so he stopped, he grabbed my hand, and he starts looking at me and then as he’s looking at me, he’s holding my hand, he said ‘I’m not going to let you down. I know you’ve been away from your family. And I appreciate what you are doing.’ And he’s holding my hand and starts coming towards me. And so he is still holding my hand. I just had a lot of internal dialogue, and I’m like ‘is he going to hug me?’ And then he keeps coming closer, and I’m like ‘is he going to hug me?’ And he was