Oxford Prof: Academics Fear Mob Will Destroy Their Careers If They Defend British Empire

A leading scholar at the University of Oxford believes conservatives are afraid to stand up to the “zealous left-wing minority” who want to “erase and rewrite history” in case doing so prompts the mob to destroy their careers. 

Killer Mike Rips CNN as Rioters Trash Headquarters: 'Karma Is a Mother, Stop Feeding Fear and Anger'

Atlanta-based rapper and activist Killer Mike slammed CNN for “feeding fear and anger every day” after the network’s worldwide headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, was attacked by rioters in response to the death of George Floyd.

Coronavirus: Govts Fear Second Wave After Outbreaks in Germany, Mingling in Italy

ROME (AP) – South Korea’s capital closed down more than 2,100 bars and other nightspots Saturday because of a new cluster of coronavirus infections, Germany scrambled to contain fresh outbreaks at slaughterhouses, and Italian authorities worried that people were getting too friendly at cocktail hour during the country’s first weekend of eased restrictions.

Dark Money Progressive Groups Spending Millions to Politicize Coronavirus, Spread Fear

Millions of Americans across the country are, day by day, figuring how to better cope with the economic, social, and political impact caused by the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, as a dark money network simultaneously works overtime to further politicize the festering crisis.

Dems fear push to stop Bernie will backfire…

74% of Americans Fear Potential Outbreak…