Deutsch: Dems Didn't Take on Trump's 'Horrific Assault' on America Enough

Wednesday while commenting on the MSNBC Democratic candidates’ debate, network host Donny Deutsch said none of the candidates took on President Donald Trump’s “assault on our democracy and an assault on our senses,” enough. Deutsch said, “I want to work

Donny Deutsch: Trump Has All the 'Traits of a Sociopath' — Behavior of an 'Autocratic Despot'

Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” commentator Donny Deutsch criticized President Donald Trump by reading the traits of a sociopath. Deutch said, “I said to myself today, how could anybody, how could a president behave this way when we’re talking about children…

Deutsch: Today 'Is the Tip of the Iceberg' Trump's Presidency, Entire Organization Will Be 'Picked Apart'

Thursday on “Deadline,” Donny Deutsch said President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty to lying to Congress about a potential Trump Tower in Moscow was “the tip of the iceberg.” Deutsch said, “I remember sitting on this show when Trump was really leaving him out to dry. You don’t need even my insight to tell you when somebody is consolatory, their right-hand man for ten years, they know everything…It’s your lieutenant. He was in the family.” He added, “This is the tip of the iceberg. I’ve said this all along; Donald Trump could not get money once he was bankrupt in the mid-’90s other than Deutsche Bank. Once he’s out of office, this is not going to stop. Every ambitious attorney is not going to stop until they take this empire apart. This is not just the beginning of the end of his presidency but you’ll see his entire organization, his entire life, his entire fortune picked apart because nobody is bigger than the house. He tried to play the house.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN