British Brexit Negotiator Calls Out EU's Barnier on Northern Ireland Dirty Tricks

Britain’s Brexit negotiator has called out EU negotiator Michel Barnier for the bloc’s apparent dirty tricks on Northern Ireland, which could see the British province of Northern Ireland blocked from importing food from Great Britain. 

Pompeo: China ‘Bought’ the WHO, Responsible for British Coronavirus Deaths

The Secretary of State for the United States, Mike Pompeo, reportedly said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “bought” the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), adding that the Tedros’s leadership has resulted in “dead Britons” during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Trump Admin: UK on ‘Slippery Slope’ After Allowing Huawei to Build British Facility

The Trump administration slammed Huawei’s planned construction of a £400 million research and development centre near Cambridge, saying that the UK is on a “slippery slope” by continuing to allow the Chinese tech firm to operate in the country.

Oxford Prof: Academics Fear Mob Will Destroy Their Careers If They Defend British Empire

A leading scholar at the University of Oxford believes conservatives are afraid to stand up to the “zealous left-wing minority” who want to “erase and rewrite history” in case doing so prompts the mob to destroy their careers. 

Political Education: Labour Would Teach Children About 'Historical Injustices' of British Empire

Amidst fresh accusations of antisemitism, the far-left leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, said that if elected he would force schools in the United Kingdom to teach the “historical injustices” committed by the British Empire.

British Baking Show Bans Hong Kong Cake to Appease Communist China, Allows Anti-Trump Cake

In the latest example of Western capitulation to the Chinese Communist Party, a cake celebrating pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong has been removed from the Cake International baking show in the United Kingdom for being “offensive”.

Flashback: Cameron Promised No Second Referendum, 'When the British People Speak, They Will Be Respected'

Former prime minister David Cameron has emerged from hiding to say MPs should not “rule out” making the British people vote on Brexit again — but in 2015 he promised the first vote would be “final”, and that “There will not be another renegotiation and another referendum.”