Actor George Lopez Accepts Iran's Bounty to Assassinate President Trump

Actor George Lopez appeared to accept an Iranian bounty to assassinate President Donald Trump on Sunday evening. Iranian authorities had recently put an $80 million dollar bounty on the president’s head, but according to Lopez, he’ll do it for $40 million instead.

Actor Bradley Whitford to Trump: Unlike Hillary Clinton, 'You’re a Coward and Guilty as Hell'

Actor Bradley Whitford went on the attack against President Donald Trump and the GOP on Friday, this time defending Hillary Clinton’s scandal-plagued legacy and called the president a “coward” who is “guilty as hell.”

Actor Josh Brolin Says His Anus Is Sunburned After Trying 'Perineum Sunning'

Actor Josh Brolin says that his anus is now sunburned after trying out the latest fad known as “perineum sunning,” which involves sunbathing one’s nether regions. “I don’t know who the fuck thought of this stupid shit,” said the actor, expressing his dismay over his burned anus.

Actor Hannibal Buress Mocks Woke Backlash After Challenging Bernie Sanders on Rent Control

Actor Hannibal Buress is the latest comedian to incur the wrath of woke left-wing purists after he dared to disagree with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders over the issue of rent control. The stand-up comedian and The Secret Life of