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Hiroshima, Japan

Last month, I had the honor of hosting Mrs. Kishida in Washington. And Yuko, I was moved by your kindness and generosity, and I know that the friendship between our nations continues to grow deeper with time. Thank you for welcoming us to your home.

Today, we gather just steps away from a monument that memorializes part of the deadliest war yet known to mankind. We must teach this history, so that we can understand the choices in front of us: choose creation over destruction, innovation over inhumanity, peace over bloodshed, democracy over autocracy.
Every generation inherits the world in their time. You, our youth, know that. You know that you are the future.But you are not just our future; you’re also our present.
And as the distances between us grow smaller, as both technology and the challenges of our modern times transcend borders and nationalities, what you do today can resonate throughout the world.
You are the builders of democracy. You are the dreamers of a better world. You are the keepers of peace.
Every day, I am inspired by the young people of the United States. Like them, I know that you are leading movements for change, working for climate justice and a sustainable future for all.
You show the world that change can happen, that young people can make it happen.
The future is not a far-away finish line. We are building it every day. 
Raise your voice. Hold on to your dreams. And let’s create a better, freer, more peaceful world.  

May God bless us all.
Thank you.

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