Massachusetts 'Back the Blue' Rally Sees Record Turnout

Two Massachusetts towns, Wilbraham and Hampden, enjoyed record attendance in support of law enforcement at Thursday’s Back the Blue rally. (More)

George W. Bush Paints Immigrants as 'Energy and Talent'

Amateur painter and former President George W. Bush is selling a portrait book of “forty-three individuals who exemplify our proud history as a nation of immigrants.” (More)

GRAPHIC: Video Shows Officers Shoot Alleged Hostage Taker

Body cam footage from the Salt Lake City Police Department shows an alleged hostage taker with a knife to an innocent’s neck being shot dead by police. (More)

De Blasio to New Yorkers Wary of Public Transport over Coronavirus: 'Do Not Buy a Car'

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed constituents’ concerns about public transit during the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday — by telling them not to buy a car. (More)

Thousands Expected at South Dakota Motorcycle Rally Despite Coronavirus Concerns

On Friday, roughly 250,000 motorcycle enthusiasts are expected to converge in Sturgis, South Dakota, concerning local officials during the coronavirus pandemic. (More)

Donald Trump Defends Supporters Attending Press Conference as 'Peaceful Protest'

The press conference was held at Trump’s club at Bedminster, New Jersey, prompting a group of curious supporters to observe it from the back of the room. (More)

Biden Suggests Trump's Coronavirus Vaccine Won't Be Safe

Joe Biden said President Trump’s rush to develop a coronavirus vaccine in record time will not yield a safe and effective product. (More)

Kanye West Falls 1,300 Signatures Short of Making Illinois 2020 Election Ballot

Illinois officials announced on Friday that rapper Kanye West fell 1,300 signatures short on his bid to be included in the 2020 election. (More)

Susan Rice Sells Netflix Shares as Biden VP Pick Speculation Heats Up

Former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice has sold a large chunk of her Netflix shares as speculation rises that she is a top contender to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate. Rice has served as a Netflix board member since 2018. (More)

Report: 100 Children Shot in Democrat-Controlled Philly in 2020

One hundred children have reportedly been shot in Democrat-controlled Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to this point in 2020 alone.  (More)

Twitter Censors Trump Interview on Coronavirus – But Not Chinese Misinformation

Twitter censored a video clip of President Trump’s recent interview on Fox & Friends alleging that the clip spread misinformation about the Wuhan coronavirus — yet has consistently failed to stop misinformation spread by Chinese government officials on the platform. (More)

Bokhari: Why Is the Trump WH Gifting TikTok to the Big Tech Masters of the Universe?

Breitbart News wants to believe that officials in the White House are serious about tackling tech censorship, but the outrageous proposal that Microsoft be allowed to purchase TikTok from China without offering concrete free speech commitments suggests the Deep State and corrupt establishment Republicans still hold sway. (More)