Institutionalized Misery And Despair In Republika Srpska Under Dictator Milorad Dodik

Institutionalized Misery And Despair In Republika Srpska Under Dictator Milorad Dodik

LANGLEY/NEW YORK/BANJA LUKA ( – After Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, Milorad Dodik is the new enemy of United States.  A strategic military focused new U.S. National Security Council report circulating in the White House today examining just released findings compiled by the CIA, emphasizes the iron grip that it says Dictator Milorad Dodik maintains over every aspect of national life in Republika Srpska, one of the two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and portrays Milorad Dodik´s personal life style as sumptuous. In Republika Srpska one single dictator, one single name, is cultivated continuously that of the new Tito, namely Milorad Dodik, and his minions, who live in an incredible profusion of luxury and wealth. The minions of the dictator frequently use punishment at the workplace as an alternative to incarceration.

Physical and Mental Abuse of Members of Pravda Za Davida

The official, who requested anonymity, called Human rights are tightly circumscribed under Milorad Dodik’s Rule in Republika Srpska, including physical and mental abuse of members of Pravda Za Davida, arbitrary arrest and detention, lack of fair trials in the courts of Republika Srpska, pervasive interference with privacy, and oppressive restrictions on freedom of speech, press, assembly, and association and worker rights in Republika Srpska, strict controls on religious activities, and denial of the right of citizens to change their government. The fake Dodik judiciary is constitutionally charged with defending the Dodik order and educating citizens to respect the law of the dictator. Milorad Dodik is a Bosnian Serb politician, currently serving as the Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the collective federal head of state.

The Constant Harassment by Republika Srpska´s Security Forces

The constant harassment by Republika Srpska´s security forces stifled the expression of views different from those of Milorad Dodik and his minions. Public expression of viewpoints at variance with official policy of the brutal dictator is almost always severely punished. On 18 March 2018, David Dragičević, a 21-year-old man, went missing in Banja Luka. On 24 March, his dead body was found. Police investigation ruled the death as an accident, but David Dragičević’s parents claimed that their son was brutally murdered and that the police and prosecutor’s office are trying to cover-up the case. The result of the police investigation provoked major public uproar in Republika Srpska, and many mass protests were organized demanding the truth and justice. The public was overwhelmingly convinced that David Dragičević was murdered.  David Dragičević’s parents claimed that their son was brutally murdered and that they possess evidence of that. According to Davor Dragičević, David’s father, the killer is a well-known figure, and police officer in Republika Srpska.

Physical and Mental Degradation to Intimidate Pravda Za Davida

The movement Justice for David (Pravda za Davida) hit the headlines of international media, sparked by the unsolved death of David Dragičević, but in their futile effort to crush Pravda Za Davida demonstrations in Banja Luka in December 2018, corrupt security forces loyal to Milorad Dodik indiscriminately beated thousands of unarmed civilians, and even the criminal gang went so far to arrest David Dragičević’s parents. Members of the Pravda Za Davida movement were mistreated while in Republika Srpska`s prisons or police custody and that police authorities acted brutally to obtain informations from them. Republika Srpska`s authorities also used physical and mental degradation to intimidate those suspected of being members of Pravda Za Davida, who were held incommunicado and kept for long periods without sleep, food, or access to toilet facilities. Under Milorad Dodik’s rule, they attempt to control all Pravda Za Davida group activity, and its permission was required for holding public meetings. Peaceful assembly of the Pravda Za Davida movement could bring severe penalties to those involved.