Joe Biden Walks Back Defunding Police: Departments Should Get Money to Hire 'Social Workers, Psychologists'

Joe Biden claimed Wednesday that, if elected president, he will boost funding for law enforcement in order for police departments to hire social workers — who he says will handle “god-awful” situations that officers cannot.

Banned from Indoor Dining, Hong Kong's Blue Collar Workers Are Eating Lunch in Public Toilets

Many of Hong Kong’s blue-collar workers are struggling to find a decent place to eat after the Beijing-controlled government imposed social distancing measures aimed at preventing a second wave of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Exclusive–Vaughan: Trump's 'Bold Action' to Halt Foreign Visa Workers Will 'Give Relief to Americans'

President Trump’s suspension of a number of foreign visa worker programs is a “bold action” that will “give relief to Americans” in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Jessica Vaughan says.