Report: AG Barr Asked Federal Prosecutors to Explore Criminal Charges Against Seattle Mayor over Autonomous Zone

Attorney General William Barr reportedly asked federal prosecutors to explore whether Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) should face criminal charges over the “autonomous zone,” otherwise known as Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP), which she eventually shut down via executive order after weeks of escalated violence, robbery, assault, and increased gang activity over the summer.

Report: Netflix U.S. Subscription Cancellations Surge Nearly Eightfold Amid 'Cuties' 'Child Porn' Controversy

Netflix has reportedly seen a surge in U.S. subscription cancellations following the controversy over the movie Cuties, which has generated a firestorm over its highly sexualized depiction of underage girls.

Report: Joe Biden Skips Visit to Kenosha; Thinks Trump Visit Could 'Backfire'

Former Vice President Joe Biden has decided not to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, the site of recent riots and protests against police brutality, gambling that President Donald Trump’s planned visit Tuesday will “backfire” politically, Politico reports.

Report: Facebook Introducing a 'Virality Circuit Breaker' to Prevent Spread of Viral Content

According to a recent report from the Interface newsletter by Verge reporter Casey Newton, Facebook is piloting a new program that will monitor viral posts that gain millions of views to ensure that they don’t violate community standards.