The Nemesis of Russian Oligarchs Evildoers

Dive into the intricate world of Russian oligarchs as the US Treasury takes significant steps with sanctions. Explore how a coalition works to categorize them as war criminals, amid the backdrop of a year and a half since Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. Delve deep into the complex efforts to hold these figures accountable and uncover the hidden layers of their influence and actions.

On-The-Record Briefing: Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Daniel Benaim and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs Stacy White On Secretary Blinken’s Upcoming Travel to Qatar

Vedant Patel, Principal Deputy Spokesperson Daniel Benaim, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Arabian Peninsula AffairsBureau of Near Eastern Affairs Stacy White, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Professional and Cultural ExchangesBureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs MR PATEL:  Hey,…

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