Tennessee Woman Who Died 6 Months Ago Receives Letter Claiming She Has Coronavirus

A Tennessee woman died six months ago, but that didn’t stop the Shelby County Health Department from sending her a letter notifying her that she tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus and needed to self-quarantine, her bewildered son said Thursday. 

Family-Ordered Autopsy: George Floyd Died of Asphyxiation

An autopsy commissioned for George Floyd’s family found that Floyd died of asphyxiation due to neck and back compression when a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for several minutes and ignored his cries of distress, the Floyd family’s attorneys said Monday.

AP: How Jeffrey Epstein Died and What it Means for His Accusers

NEW YORK (AP) — Financier Jeffrey Epstein killed himself while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges in New York, officials said Saturday. His death angered some accusers who had hoped to confront him in court and see him serve a long prison sentence.

Democrats: 11,400 People Died from ‘Gun Violence’ Since House Passed Universal Background Checks

Democrat gun control advocates gathered at the Capitol on Thursday to put out a rally call for the Senate to take up the universal background check for gun purchases bill the House passed 114 days ago, claiming 11,400 people have since died from “gun violence.”