Oxford Prof: Academics Fear Mob Will Destroy Their Careers If They Defend British Empire

A leading scholar at the University of Oxford believes conservatives are afraid to stand up to the “zealous left-wing minority” who want to “erase and rewrite history” in case doing so prompts the mob to destroy their careers. 

Matt Mowers: 'We Need to Defend the Police, Not Defund the Police'

Matt Mowers, a former Donald Trump administration official and New Hampshire first congressional district Republican candidate, told Breitbart News Saturday that, unlike Rep. Chris Pappas (D-NH), we need to “defend the police, not defund the police.”

Cotton: Internal Pushback at NY Times over Op-ed 'Exposes the Hypocrisy of All These Woke Progressives Who Claim to Defend Liberal Values'

Thursday on Fox News, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) responded to the backlash from within The New York Times for the paper’s decision to publish an editorial promoting the use of the Insurrection Act to quell the civil unrest throughout the country tied to the death of George Floyd.

Hollywood Melts Down Over Trump Speech Vowing to Defend Americans Against Rioters

Hollywood celebrities experienced a collective meltdown on Monday following President Donald Trump’s address to the nation in which he called for national healing while also vowing to deploy the U.S. military against Antifa and other violent protestors if state governments fail to quell the chaos.

Heritage Foundation, CEI Defend Big Tech Support After Tucker Carlson Expose

The Heritage Foundation and the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) have released statements defending themselves after Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted them last night over their opposition to reforms that would strip away big tech’s blanket legal privileges to censor political speech.

Josh Hawley: GOP Must Defend Middle Class Americans Against 'Concentrated Corporate Power,' Tech Billionaires

The Republican Party must defend America’s working and middle class against “concentrated corporate power” and Silicon Valley, California’s tech billionaires and their monopolization of entire sectors of the United States’ economy.