Portland Police: 'Extremely Dangerous Situation' as Demonstrators Attack Cops

Portland Police clashed with protesters on Friday night into early Saturday morning as demonstrators targeted cops, hurling chunks of concrete and explosives at officers in what the department described as an “extremely dangerous situation.”

Police Respond to Riot in Portland as Protesters Throw 'Baseball Sized' Rocks at Cops, Set Fires Near Precinct

Police responded to a protest that descended into a violent riot in north Portland after demonstrators threw rocks and water bottles at officers, shined lasers in their eyes, and attempted to set fires near the precinct.

Symone Sanders on Biden's Crime Record: Don't Enjoy Relitigating 90s, Crime Bill Has Context, Gave Us Means to Hold Cops Accountable

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Biden Senior Adviser Symone Sanders discussed Biden’s crime record by stating that she doesn’t like trying to relitigate things from the early 90s, the context of rampant crime and demands for reform at

COPS: Argument Over Impeachment Turned Violent…