Evo Morales Claims ‘Zionist’ Conspiracy Between Bolivia's Conservatives, Israel

Socialist ex-President Evo Morales accused the current interim government of Bolivia – in power because Morales chose to resign – on Sunday of “not respect[ing] liberty, dignity, and identity” for establishing friendly relations with and asking help from the “Zionist” government of Israel.

James Comey Accuses AG Barr of 'Echoing Conspiracy Theories' in CBS Interview

Fired FBI Director James Comey claims Attorney General William Barr is guilty of  “echoing conspiracy theories” during a recent CBS interview, in what is the longtime law enforcement officer’s latest attack on the Trump administration. 

NBC's Todd: AG Barr 'Gave Credence to a Factless Conspiracy Theory'

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” host Chuck Todd said Attorney General Bill Barr’s comments during his congressional testimony that the Department of Justice had spied on the 2016 Trump presidential campaign “gave credence to a factless conspiracy theory.” Todd said,

Podesta: 'I Accept' Mueller's Conclusion on Conspiracy Between Trump Camp and Russia

On Monday’s “CBS This Morning,” former Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta stated that he accepts Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s conclusion that there wasn’t sufficient evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. Podesta said, “I think he’s a