Secession fever spikes in five states as conservatives seek to escape blue rule…

Secession fever spikes in five states as conservatives seek to escape blue rule...

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Charlie Spies: Stop the Cancel Culture Against Conservatives on Social Media

The Laura Loomer for Congress campaign is filing a formal complaint against Twitter with the Federal Election Commission, arguing that her campaign’s ban from Twitter because of her conservative viewpoints is effectively an illegal corporate in-kind contribution to her Democratic opponent, Frankel.

Conservatives Slam GOP Chris Jacobs' Backing of Never Trumpers, Tax Hikes

Chris Jacobs hopes to capture the state’s 27th congressional district Republican nomination, but his campaigning with a Never Trump Republican and his voting for tax increases in the state Senate might jeopardize his chances of getting reelected.

Donald Trump Jr. Urges Conservatives to Hold Democrats in Trump Districts Accountable over Impeachment

Donald Trump Jr. is calling on the conservative movement to take action by calling Democrats in Trump districts who are iffy on impeachment, urging conservatives to “tell them this will NOT STAND” and that “you’ll remember in Nov!”

Evo Morales Claims ‘Zionist’ Conspiracy Between Bolivia's Conservatives, Israel

Socialist ex-President Evo Morales accused the current interim government of Bolivia – in power because Morales chose to resign – on Sunday of “not respect[ing] liberty, dignity, and identity” for establishing friendly relations with and asking help from the “Zionist” government of Israel.

'A Country Club Republican': Conservatives Sound the Alarm over Kelly Loeffler's Potential Senate Appointment, Ties to Planned Parenthood, Stacey Abrams

Conservatives across the Georgia Republican base have sounded the alarm over Gov. Brian Kemp’s potential appointment of Kelly Loeffler as an interim Republican senator.

Exclusive – Bridgen: Conservatives Shouldn't Try to 'Outspend Labour Party Marxists'

Conservative Party Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen has warned that it is pointless trying to “outspend the Marxists in the Labour Party”, evoking the lesson from the Greek debt crisis that “democracy ends” when your creditors own you.

WILLIAMSON: What Does It Say Conservatives Nicer to Me?