U.S. Intel Confirms China Hid Severity of Coronavirus Outbreak 

Communist officials in China have hidden the severity of the coronavirus outbreak within their borders, under-reporting both total cases and fatalities linked to the disease, the U.S. intelligence community reportedly confirmed in a classified report to the White House.

Mexico confirms first cases…

Mexico Confirms First Case of Coronavirus, Warns of Likely Second

Mexican health officials revealed that two males tested positive for the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). One was confirmed through two separate tests while the second man awaits the results of his second exam. Several other patients are in observed isolation.

Brazil confirms first case…

Mexican Border City on High Alert Over 'Suicide Bomber' Threat – Confirms Breitbart Report

Mexican authorities are in a state of high alert over an intelligence alert from U.S. authorities warning about a possible suicide bomber traveling north with a group of four others. Breitbart published a redacted copy of the initial intelligence report from U.S. Border Patrol.