'Just Sing': Barbra Streisand Riles Up Fans After Praising Clintons, Trashing Trump During NYC Concert

Left-wing pop icon Barbra Streisand made her Madison Square Garden concert Saturday about politics, praising Bill Clinton — who was in attendance alongside Hillary — as “a great president,” explaining how badly she wanted to sing at Hillary’s presidential inauguration, and targeting President Donald Trump with a remixed rendition of “Send in the Clowns.”

‘Enough of Left-Wing Dictatorships’: Hispanic Celebrities Trash Maduro at Richard Branson Concert

Latin American artists from throughout the hemisphere convened in Cúcuta, Colombia, on Friday for the Richard Branson-sponsored “Venezuela Aid Live” concert to demand dictator Nicolás Maduro allow international aid into the country.

Richard Branson Announces Latin Star-Studded 'Venezuela Aid Live' Concert

Virgin Group billionaire Richard Branson announced on Friday the launch of an effort to raise $100 million in 60 days for the people of Venezuela centered around “Venezuela Aid Live,” a concert featuring some of the biggest names in the Latin American music industry.