Watch – Rep. Perry's Fiery Tiananmen Speech: 'Apologists for Communism… Work Right Within the Halls' of Congress

“We must decide at some point, whether we’re happier with ‘Made in China’ all throughout our homes and all throughout our stores — if it’s worth keeping that or losing the sovereignty of our nation over time to the communist party of China.”

Hayward: ‘May Day’ Celebrated Worldwide as Death Toll from Communism Approaches 100 Million

May 1st was long ago appropriated by communism as its worldwide holiday, and unfortunately, the civilized world has yet to take it back. The latest murders by Marxist regimes bring the death toll from communism ever closer to 100 million, but there are still marches in celebration of the ideology everywhere, including American cities.

Brazil: Bolsonaro Invites China to Inaugural After Calling for Coalition Against Communism

The Chinese communist regime boasted of receiving an invitation to the inauguration of Brazil’s President-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, next week, telling reporters on Thursday that Beijing officials “stand ready to join hands with Brazil.”