Franklin Graham: Biden-Harris Pro-Abortion Ticket ‘Great Concern to All Christians’

Rev. Franklin Graham tweeted Wednesday it “should be a great concern to all Christians” that pro-life leaders are labeling Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris as “the most pro-abortion … in the history of our nation.”

Chinese Christians Worship Freely for First Time in Taiwan

Some members of the persecuted Early Rain Covenant Church in China were reportedly able to worship publicly for the first time on Sunday in democratically ruled Taiwan after communist authorities shut down their congregation in China as part of Beijing’s widespread crackdown on ethnoreligious minorities across the Asian country.

Franklin Graham calls Christians to ask God to embolden Trump against foes…

Franklin Graham calls Christians to ask God to embolden Trump against foes...

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The Vanishing: Report Exposes Persecution of Middle East Christians as 'Close to Genocide'

Organized persecution of minority Christians in their traditional Middle East homelands is approaching genocide and has driven an exodus in the past two decades,  a report commissioned by the British Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, warned Thursday.

Christians Observe Good Friday: Crushed for Our Iniquities

Christians all over the world today are observing Good Friday. It is the anniversary of the death of Jesus of Nazareth, whom Christians believe died in place of sinners to pay the price to satisfy the justice of a holy God for all their sins, if that person would turn to God in faith and repentance, trusting in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on their behalf, and believing in his Easter resurrection from the dead.

Pro-Family Groups Call on Media, Big Tech to Stop SPLC from Smearing Christians, Conservatives

Organizations promoting family and faith have purchased an ad in the Wall Street Journal that calls upon media and tech industry giants to stop aligning themselves with the disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) smears of conservative and Christian groups.