Watch–Child Psychiatrist Says Coronavirus Fears 'Not Based on Reality: This Is Child Abuse'

Dr. Mark McDonald, a practicing child and adolescent psychiatrist in West Los Angeles, spoke at Monday’s “White Coat Summit” in the nation’s capital and pointed out that the fears exhibited by many parents over the Chinese coronavirus are “not based on reality.”

Coronavirus Jailbreak: Soros-Funded ACLU Helps Free Illegal Alien Child Molester, Immigrant Child Abuser

A California federal judge, appointed by former President Jimmy Carter, has mandated the release from prison of six illegal aliens and legal immigrants convicted of child molestation, child abuse, drunk driving, and drug trafficking.

Contempt Motion by Mother of Hunter Biden's Child: He 'Willfully' Defied Court Order to Provide Documents

The lawyers representing the mother of a child fathered by Hunter Biden recently filed a motion seeking to have the former vice president’s son held in contempt of court for repeatedly refusing to obey a paternity and child support suit-linked order to provide financial documents, including his 2017 and 2018 personal tax returns.

ICE: Sanctuary California Hiding Details on Accused Illegal Alien Child Abusers

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is accusing the sanctuary state of California of refusing to disclose the whereabouts or whether they plan to release a number of criminal illegal aliens, including those accused of crimes against children.