Dick Cheney Cardiologist: Trump Walter Reed Trip 'Worrisome', 'Unusual'

Monday, “CNN Newsroom” anchor Brooke Baldwin questioned Dr. Jonathan Reiner, the cardiologist for former Vice President Dick Cheney while he was in the White House, about President Donald Trump’s unannounced trip to Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend for

GOP Rep. Cheney: Trump Isn't a 'Russian Mole,' 'Russian Asset'

Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) on Wednesday’s “The Hugh Hewitt Show” dismissed the notion that President Donald Trump is a “Russian mole” or “Russian asset” over growing concerns from Democrats and the media. Cheney acknowledged there was “abuse” in the 2020¬†presidential election that needs to be looked into, but laughed at the idea of Trump working with the Russians to get elected. Partial transcript as follows: HEWITT: Do you believe President Trump is a Russian mole? CHENEY: No, I do not believe that, Hugh. HEWITT: Is President Trump a Russian asset? CHENEY: No. Listen, I think that you know, one of the big things that we, the mainstream media has failed to cover, no big surprise, is you know, the depth of just the abuse that went on, the fraud that went on when the Obama FBI under Jim Comey used the dossier, which was a campaign document the Clinton campaign had put together, and they used that to secure a warrant to wiretap, to listen in on an American citizen. And that story sort of got some play and then disappeared. But I think the abuse that went on there certainly deserves a deeper and ongoing investigation. Follow Trent Baker