California School District Adapts Radical Sex Ed Curriculum for Middle School: Gender Identity, Condom Demos

Despite a huge pushback from parents, the Santa Barbara Unified School District in California has adopted a radical sex education curriculum for middle schoolers that includes lessons on choosing one’s gender, finding birth control and abortion providers, and “condom demonstrations.”

Uber Warns of California Shutdown After Legal Woes

Uber could shut down services in California as early as Friday as the ridesharing company continues to fight the state over a new law that requires its gig economy drivers to be re-classified as employees. The threat of a stoppage comes after Uber posted a whopping $1.8 billion loss during the second quarter as the Chinese coronavirus pandemic continues to take a financial toll on the company.

Center for American Liberty Sues California Gov. Newsom for Banning Schools from Reopening

The Center for American Liberty, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the civil rights of Americans, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order barring most schools in the state from reopening because of the spread of the coronavirus.