Flashback: Undercover Project Veritas Investigation Revealed Twitter's Bias

Project Veritas went undercover in 2018 to discover the internal bias of social media platform Twitter and the tactics that the company uses to suppress speech on its platform, many of which use the same internal tools used in this week major hack of some of the most prominent accounts on the entire platform.

Wikipedia Co-Founder: Site's Neutrality Is 'Dead' Thanks to Leftist Bias

Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, published a blog post this month declaring that the online encyclopedia’s “neutral point of view” policy is “dead” due to the rampant left-wing bias of the site. Noting the article on President Donald Trump, Sanger contrasted its extensive coverage of presidential scandals with the largely scandal-free article on former President Barack Obama.

Bloomberg News Shows Bias Day After Owner Enters Race: 'Trump’s Brand of Racial Tribalism Can’t Compete'

One day after billionaire Michael Bloomberg announced he is running for president, the news organization in which he holds a controlling interest announced that it will not investigate Bloomberg or any of his Democratic rivals for president, but will continue to investigate President Trump.

NYT: 'Whistleblower' Redacted Third Fact Suggesting Potential Bias Against Trump

The New York Times reported that, along with the intelligence officer “whistleblower” being a registered Democrat and having a “professional relationship” with a 2020 Democrat, there remains a third redacted reason critics could accuse him of “potential bias” when submitting his complaint to the Intelligence Community inspector general.

Bokhari: Google Denies Political Bias to the Senate – Yes, Really

Just a day after more leaked documents — as well as undercover footage of a top company executive — exposed Google’s determination to never let an election result like 2016 happen again, Google’s representatives told a Senate hearing that the company considers itself a “neutral public forum.”