Spencer McGowan: Trump Should Tariff Saudi Arabia for Dumping Oil

President Donald Trump should impose tariffs on Saudi Arabia’s oil exports to the U.S. in response to the kingdom’s dumping of oil during record-low global prices of the commodity caused by coronavirus-related economic shutdowns, said Spencer McGowan, founder of McGowan Group Asset Management and host of NetWorth Radio.

Crown Prince Discusses U.S. Troop Boost to Saudi Arabia with Defense Secretary

Discussions within the administration, and between Washington and Riyadh, continued this week as the U.S. considered how many troops to send to Saudi Arabia. The assessment comes in the wake of Iran’s attack on its oil facilities, and how those troops should be deployed. 

Lebowitz: Maybe Saudi Arabia Can Get Rid of Trump Like They Did Khashoggi, Apologizes

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” author Fran Lebowitz said that President Trump deserves to be turned over to “The same Saudis who got rid of that reporter. Maybe they could do the same for him.” Lebowitz later apologized for the remarks.

Report: Saudi Arabia Offered Abbas $10 Billion to Accept Trump’s Peace Plan

TEL AVIV – Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly offered Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas $10 billion if he accepts President Donald Trump’s long-anticipated peace plan, the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar reported on Tuesday.