Dems Rally to 2020 Candidates on Surge of Anti-Trump Energy…

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Fundraises for Anti-Trump Enviro Lobby Fighting to 'Ensure There's a Planet for the Next Generation'

Left-wing actress Julia-Louis Dreyfus is urging her fans to donate money to an anti-Trump environmental lobby group that has taken the president and his administration to court 100 times in the last three years.

British Baking Show Bans Hong Kong Cake to Appease Communist China, Allows Anti-Trump Cake

In the latest example of Western capitulation to the Chinese Communist Party, a cake celebrating pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong has been removed from the Cake International baking show in the United Kingdom for being “offensive”.

Exclusive – Bozell & Graham: Good News Means No News to Anti-Trump Media

When good news is cast aside to make room for the sensational, how well is the public served by an industry that purports to bring its audience the news of the day? The answer is not well, of course. But what if that news is censored because it’s good news?

Anti-Trump Krassenstein Twins Banned from Twitter for 'Multiple Fake Accounts'

Anti-Trump twins Brian and Ed Krassenstein, who have made a name for themselves online by trolling President Donald Trump with a constant barrage of tweets, have been banned from Twitter over allegations of operating “multiple fake accounts.”

Ken Starr Fears Anti-Trump Screed…