Mike Pence at Fort McHenry: Biden ‘Sees American Darkness’; Trump and I See ‘American Greatness’

BALTIMORE, Maryland — Vice President Mike Pence said during his keynote address during the Republican National Convention at Fort McHenry on Wednesday evening that Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden sees “darkness” in America, while he and President Donald Trump see “American greatness.”

Analysis: Wikipedia Articles on American Politicians Mostly Cite Leftist Media

On Wikipedia criticism site Wikipediocracy, a user posted a sourcing analysis for articles about recent American politicians and found the news outlets cited in the articles were often left-wing. In gauging bias, the analysis relied on two separate sites measuring media bias. One showed a clear majority of sources were left-wing, while another showed a plurality. Both showed conservative outlets were a very small minority of sources.

Chinese Spies Use Linkedin to Find American Contacts

A Chinese agent has admitted to using the career-focused social media platform LinkedIn’s “relentless” algorithm to find batches of U.S. government contacts with access to sensitive information. The spying operation would then gather data and send it to the communist regime in Beijing.

Center for American Liberty Sues California Gov. Newsom for Banning Schools from Reopening

The Center for American Liberty, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the civil rights of Americans, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order barring most schools in the state from reopening because of the spread of the coronavirus.