Stephen Miller on 7-Year-Old Girl’s Death: 'Left Wing, Activist' Judicial Rulings 'Incentivize' Dangerous Migration

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller blamed left-wing, activist judicial rulings” for incentivizing the “most vulnerable populations to come to our country,” and he argued that played a role in the tragic death of a seven-year-old girl in Border Patrol custody on December 7. Partial transcript as follows: MARGARET BRENNAN: –you’re a key voice on, and that is immigration and also want to talk about the possible shutdown here. One very particular case here, this seven year old migrant girl who passed away. She was a migrant from Guatemala named Jakelin Caal. She died some hours after passing into U.S. territory while she was under the protection of Customs and Border Patrol. Who bears responsibility for her death? MILLER: Our hearts break for the tragic death of the 7 year old girl. The loss of that precious life is. Horrifying. It is a painful reminder of the ongoing humanitarian tragedy that is illegal immigration and the misery that it spreads. A coyote dropped off one hundred sixty three migrants in an extremely remote section of New Mexico. Those individuals were found by border patrol who, many cases act as first responders. In fact Border

Vicente Fox: Trump's 'Aggressive' Language Played Role in 7-Year-Old Girl's Death

Saturday in Beverly Hills, CA, former Mexican President Vicente Fox told TMZ he blamed President Donald Trump for the tragic death of a seven-year-old girl in Border Patrol custody on December 7. Fox said, “This is not what the U.S. is all about. This is what Trump is all about. He doesn’t have any love or care or compassion to anybody. I don’t know why this country has a president like him. We all miss the United States that we have known for years and years. The leader in the world, a compassionate nation, a nation that cares and builds a better world. So I hope you get rid of Trump soon.” When asked who is to blame for the death, Fox said, “First the people that was involved directly but they act on their orders from somebody else. So you have to go all the way to the top. The language is more aggressive than physical violence. Speaking the way Trump speaks is not good for this nation.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN