Cuba First: Barack Obama Says Florida Democrats Will Help Make Cuba Great Again

“We need to get back to politics that’s for the Cuban people, make their lives better,” Obama said during a rally in Miami, Florida. “That’s change.” (More)

BOKHARI: The Stakes in 2018 — Tyranny by Silicon Valley and Far-Left Corporations

Imagine living in a world where a few executives in Silicon Valley, along with a couple of credit card companies, get to control what you say, who you interact with, what causes you can support, whose products you can buy and whether you can run a business. (More)

Border Wall Construction to Begin at Texas Border

Federal officials announced the award of a contract to allow construction of new sections of border walls in the Rio Grande Valley Sector of South Texas. The $145 million construction project is slated to begin in February 2019. (More)

Donald Trump Supporters in Florida over Double the Size of Barack Obama's Crowd

Former President Barack Obama campaigned in Florida on Friday but could only muster at least half of the supporters as President Donald Trump. (More)