Justin Amash Announces Exploratory Committee for Libertarian White House Bid

Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI), the Never Trump libertarian-leaning congressman who quit the Republican Party earlier last year, has launched an exploratory committee for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination after recently teasing a possible bid for the White House.

Fact Check: Washington Post White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker Claims Trump 'Showed Solidarity with Neo-Nazis' in Charlottesville

The Washington Post’s White House Bureau Chief claimed, falsely, that Trump “showed solidarity with the neo-Nazi protesters” in Charlottesville in an attempt to explain Trump’s support for protests against stay-at-home orders.

Governors, White House Race to Reopen America

An arms race of sorts has emerged between red states and blue states to reopen America, with Democrat and Republican governors developing rivaling plans to lead their states out of the darkness of the coronavirus crisis while the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force and President Donald Trump’s ultimate decision looms large over the country.