Dem Rep. Richmond: Trump's 'Criminal Enterprise' Putting 2020 Presidential Election at Risk

Sunday on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) commented on the ongoing impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump. Richmond said there is a “continuing criminal enterprise” going on with Trump, adding that the president is putting the 2020 presidential

Lee Smith: Deep State Used 'Criminal Conspiracy' to Stop Flynn's Audit of Intelligence Agencies

A multifaceted “criminal conspiracy” to destroy former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was launched by persons across the national security state apparatus to prevent audits of intelligence agencies’ operations, said Lee Smith.

Saudi King Salman Urges Gulf States: Iran's 'Criminal Acts' Require Response

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, at the start of two emergency summits in the holy city of Mecca on Thursday, intensified rhetoric against its regional foe Iran, urging Arab leaders to combat Tehran’s “criminal actions” in the Middle East and beyond.