Marco Rubio Defends 'American Nationalism': It's 'Deeply Rooted in Morals and Values'

Rubio defended “American nationalism” in an interview Wednesday, arguing the political ideology is “deeply rooted in moral and values.” (More)

APPLE downgraded, more iPhone estimates cut…


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Sherrod Brown: I'm Considering 2020 Run to Stop Trump's 'Hate Speech' Giving 'License' to Racist Violence

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said he was considering a 2020 presidential run to stop President Donald Trump’s “hate speech,” which the Ohio Democrat said has “emboldened far too many people to do things that are just awful.” Brown said, “I think that voters turned out in huge numbers around Ohio on the Democratic side, particularly in the big urban areas, they turned out in huge numbers, motivated by 18 months of a very divisive president who engaged in racist demagogic rhetoric—who always tried to divide people.” When asked about a 2020 run, Brown said, “We’re having the conversation now. Like you are, Chris, I’m worried about my country. I’m worried long-term about young federal judges he puts on the bench. I’m worried long-term about climate change. I’m worried about the hate speech coming out of the White House, and that’s given license for people to engage in racist or worse, racist rhetoric or worse, or anti-semitic rhetoric or worse.” He added, “I was at a meeting with a Jewish group today in Cleveland and talking to them about the security they now —they’ve always had good security in most of their synagogues in Cleveland, now they’re stepping (More)

Left-Wing Dems Not Interested in Pushing ‘Abolish ICE’ Bills When Congress Begins

Left-wing Democrats who introduced legislation or campaigned to “abolish” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reportedly have no interest in immediately pushing “abolish ICE” bills at the start of the next Congress. (More)

'TODAY' Ratings Climb After Megyn Kelly Departs…

'TODAY' Ratings Climb After Megyn Kelly Departs... (More)

NBC, CBS fighting for ratings dominance…


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‘TODAY’ Ratings Climb After Megyn Kelly Departs…

Trump Picks Retired General John Abizaid for Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON — A retired four-star general is President Donald Trump’s pick to be US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, filling a key diplomatic vacancy at a time when US-Saudi relations are being tested by the slaying of a journalist critical of the Saudi royal family. (More)

Israel defense minister resigns over Gaza cease-fire; 'Surrendering to terror'…


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Iran Executes ‘Sultan of Coins’ Convicted of Currency Hoarding

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran executed the so-called “Sultan of Coins” and his accomplice on Wednesday for hoarding gold coins and other hard currency, signaling zero tolerance as it tries to shore up its currency in the face of an economic crisis. (More)

Delingpole: Calm Down, Everyone – Brexit's Going to Be OK!

Many of the 17.4 million who voted Brexit — and many of the millions more who’ve since realised that the EU is a towering inferno we need to escape before it comes crashing down on us — are getting very upset about Theresa May’s “worst deal in history.” (More)