Tucker Carlson Responds to Antifa Threats — 'Our Public Conversation Has Been Hijacked by Extremists'

Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson called into his own show, which was being guest hosted by “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade, to address Antifa’s so-called “protest” outside his home earlier this week. Carlson called it “upsetting” that his wife had to hide out of fear of the people threatening violence outside his home under the guise of a “protest.” “What’s it like to find out that your wife is hiding in the pantry because people are threatening her? I mean, it’s upsetting,” he said. Carlson insisted he wasn’t going to back down from his role as a media commentator given these antics. “This has a chilling effect on people’s ability to speak and to think freely,” he said. “That’s the point. It’s totalitarian in its intent. We should fight it.” “Our public conversation has been hijacked by extremists like this,” Carlson added. Follow Jeff Poor on Twitter @jeff_poor (More)

Report: Tesla Staff Forbidden from Calling 911 for Worker Injuries Without Permission

A new report claims that Tesla staff are prohibited from calling 911 if a worker is injured on the factory floor unless given express permission by the company. Other allegations involve injuried workers — including one with a severed finger — allegedly sent to the hospital via ridesharing service Lyft. (More)

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6-foot emu and feisty donkey fall in love... (More)

Man Accused of Raping 4-Year-Old, Giving Her Gonorrhea

A Minnesota man is accused of raping his girlfriend’s four-year-old daughter, who tested positive for gonorrhea. (More)

George Conway: Trump’s Appointment of Acting AG Whitaker Is 'Illegal'

Conway wrote in an op-ed that President Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting Attorney General is “unconstitutional.” (More)